My Naughty Plans for March 2023

An Orgasmically Good Morning Short Story

An Orgasmically Good Morning Short Story

Good Morning 🙂 It’s friken cold here today so I am cozying up to you with a naughty story to start.

Once upon a time … LOL no just kidding.

I love it when a man first awakes in the morning with a hard-on. and of course, has to pee badly.

I enjoy touching a warm rock hard cock under the covers before he is fully awake.

I massage lightly the palm of my hand barely touching it. He awakes more with groans of pleasure. His cock so sensitive.

He puts his hand on mine moving it up and down his cock. My pussy begins to feel wet and tingly my clit engorging.

Both of us are so horny now I want to climb on top of him and slide his hard cock deep into my warm wet pussy and fuck him hard and fast bucking back and forth his hands on my tits he and I moaning loudly.

The orgasmic pleasure building inside of us! we going to orgasm together he squirts his cum load inside my pussy as I cum on his cock and slowly move up and off his cum soaked cock.

It is still hard now he needs to go take a piss and we start a day off with smiles and orgasmically happiness.

Written By HotWifeJolee Feb 24th 2023

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Now I shall tell you what I have planned for March 2023!

I will be adding more exclusive videos in my Onlyfans premium, currently at 1 per week and going to  3 per week. Not a subscriber yet? Get in now it is only $9.99

Next, I will be giving sales on my videos and on customs. They will be advertised for certain days. plus flash sales meaning only on for so many hours on a certain day.

I am so excited to give you awesome deals and hey that’s not all. Contests are coming It’s all about themes Your participation and being absolutely ball drained. It’s private and you get a free account on my website. Account holders get extra deals daily in their inbox and more cool stuff.

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